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This batch contains (104 graphics in all):
Twilight Vanity Fair, Twilight Empire Magazine, Robert Pattinson's NYC Pics, Kristen Stewart's Rome Photocall, Ashley Greene Random, and Other Twilight-Related icons.


1. If you see something you like or want to take, comment and credit.
2. Credit the original maker, not the community.
3. DO NOT STEAL. If we catch you stealing any of our works, you will be banned from the community without prior notice.
4. Textless icons ARE NOT icon bases.
5. PLEASE don't hotlink.
6. And lastly, ENJOY!(:

vanity fair magazine pics:

singles (robert pattinson, ashley greene, kristen stewart)

empire magazine pics

twilight random (thanks sophie_lizzie  for some of the pictures from her picspam, which were used to make some of these icons ):


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comments are

enjoy! (:</lj>
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